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Online Community Support
Unlimited Seats, MAU, API Calls
Feature Flag, Segment Management
Workflow: Flag Triggers
Webhook, 3rd-Party Integrations
Audit Logs
IAM & Role-based access controls
Basic Controlled Experiment
FeatBitJoin Community
Enterprise Standard

399 $/mo3,999 $/yr

All Community Features
Email/Private Slack/Online Meeting
Self-Host, Upgrade, Using Help
4 business hour first reply SLA
Provision of emergency hotfixes
Workflow: Scheduling, Approval...
SSO Integration
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Enterprise Premium


All Enterprise Standard services
High Availability Solution
Multi-Data Center Solution
SAML / SCIM / LDAP Integration
Feature Flag level access control
Deep third-party integrations
Custom requirements development
Custom SLA for your needs
Data privacy compliance services
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